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Sleep like you care
World Sleep Day 2022

Sleep like you care

A better tomorrow starts tonight. Discover how Unmind can arm you with the knowledge, insights and proven strategies needed for A+ sleep.

The antidote to toxic sleep culture

From a young age, we’re told to leap out of bed, slap on a smile, and start being damn well productive. Social media amplifies this myth. People use bullet-point lists – they tell us to work hard. Focus more. Wake up even earlier.

Yet this wide-awake culture doesn’t come cost-free. Sleep deprivation makes us irritable, exhausted and stressed. Against such impossible ideals, our jobs feel doomed, relationships strained, reputations at stake. 

We blame this on anything but our basic need for rest. It’s not our fault. We live in a society that doesn’t respect the power of sleep.

But wait. The science is in: sleep improves mental health. After a good night’s rest, we’re better able to face life’s challenges with rationality and resilience. So it’s time we stop hitting snooze on our own wellbeing. Starting tonight: Rest up. Dream big. Sleep shamelessly.

The stats about sleep


of the world’s adults are sleep deprived.


have experienced worse sleep in the past five-years.

4 in 5

say they’d like to improve their sleep quality.


of us need less than 6.5 hours of sleep a night. New studies show it’s a rare gene mutation passed through the family.


of the caffeine in your midday coffee is still in your system at midnight.


is the ideal room temperature for sleep, according to research.

Figures are estimated and based on global research.

Up to 70% of employees find it hard to switch off from work-related stresses in the evening.

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Top tip

Does counting sheep actually work?

Professor of Sleep Jason Ellis

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Sleep Tales

Let Your Imagination Flow

Discover a library of beautifully crafted, unique stories to help you drift off in minutes. Where will your sleep tale take you?

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20 or 90 minutes is the best nap length.

A ‘power nap’ keeps you in light sleep, and can improve focus, whereas 90-minutes lets you cycle through all sleep stages.

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"The problem with the eight-hour myth is, guess what, it’s a myth. Some of us need six-hours of sleep a night, some need seven, some need nine. Eight-hours is just the mean. Use how you feel as the benchmark, in terms of whether there might be an issue with your sleep."

Professor Jason Ellis | Author of The One-week Insomnia Cure and designer of Unmind’s Sleep for Shift Work and Maximising Short Sleep Series