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Let's unite behind uniquess
World mental health day 2021

Let's unite behind uniquess

This #WorldMentalHealthDay, we’re celebrating the diversity of mental health through empathy, listening and kindness. Find mindful exercises, scientific wisdom and inspiring stories, all curated from the Unmind library.

Every year, we see more and more people using World Mental Health Day to share unique and personal stories around mental health. 

We believe that, through understanding other people's experiences, identities and viewpoints, you realise there's more that unites us as humans than what divides us.

So we’re celebrating the diversity of mental health through empathy, listening and kindness. Explore this page for enlightening sounds, science and stories, all curated from the Unmind library.

Let's listen, let's learn, let's unite behind uniqueness this WMHD. And every day. 

“There is no standard normal. Normal is subjective. There are seven billion versions of normal on this planet.”

Matt Haig – Author of Reasons to Stay Alive


By understanding others, you can learn to better support them, while also evolving your own viewpoint.

Intersectionality and empathy

The BBC’s first LGBT+ correspondent, Ben Hunte, joins Unmind for an insightful chat about diversity, empathy and intersectionality. Ben shares his own story, plus reflections on the changing landscape of Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Bringing our fullest selves

An empowering conversation between Remi Arnold and the co-founder of UK Black Pride, Lady Phyll. They talk about the importance of being able to bring your fullest self to all aspects of life, and how to break down the barriers that make this a struggle for many.


So much more than what you do with your ears. Good listening, especially in the context of mental health, is both art and science.

Better communication

What does ‘communication’ actually mean? How many types are there? And, maybe most importantly, which is your communication style? You’ll find out in this free, Better Communication platform Series peek.

The art of listening: Watching the other person's movie

In this preview, you’ll put yourself in someone else’s subconscious, as a way to boost empathy and understanding. This simple yet surprisingly effective method is a key tool in becoming a better listener, the skills for which this Unmind Series aims to arm you with.

10 activities to celebrate World Mental Health Day 2021 in your workplace


There’s no such thing as a ‘normal brain’ – we all think a bit different. It’s a cause for celebration, yet there’s still much to learn.

Complex problems: Jon's story

In this snippet from our Complex Problems platform Series, mental health campaigner Jon Salmon explains why a diverse workforce is a powerful one, and how dyslexia is a benefit, not a drawback, to his own career.

Foundations: Intro to Mental Health

In this extract from our Intro to Mental Health Series, you’ll learn how we (and the World Health Organisation) define mental health, as well as the many, varied factors that cause wellbeing to change over time. Don’t forget, we all have mental health, all of the time – it’s part of what makes us human.

Mental Health Foundations Training (3)

Playing to your strengths

In this platform taster, Dr Hazel Harrison outlines what we mean by the phrase 'character strengths', how they can evolve over time, and their unique role in unlocking a greater sense of meaning, or life and career happiness.

Each of us has a unique combination of biological, social, and psychological factors that combine to make us who we are. We all have different strengths and sensitivities. Just as nobody has the same fingerprint as you, nobody will experience life in quite the same way as you.

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