A perfect match

The past few years have been dizzying. Today’s businesses don’t just face fresh demands around mental health and wellbeing, but a marketplace of providers that’s fit to burst. 


Choosing the right partner for your organisation can at times feel impossible. But it doesn’t have to.


Unmind are experts in work-life wellbeing, and specialists in mental health. We drive change on an individual and organisational level. When paired with another company, our science-backed, data-led approach allows us to support, and shape, our partners’ strategic decisions. And so much more.


We can work with you throughout the sales cycle, right up to roll-out, to ensure engagement and adoption from day one. We can tag-team live events, and build a wellbeing-centred community focused on making the future of work psychologically safe. 


Our platform delivers insights and integration, which can help stitch mental health into your company’s benefits package, employee experience, and culture.


Together, we’ll drive change you can see and feel.


Culture Amp

Culture Amp, like us here at Unmind, are on a mission to drive cultural change. We do this together through thought leadership, community building and an integrated platform offering. Backed by science, our partnership brings together expertise in listening, understanding and acting to create higher performing teams, inform people strategies and create true cultural transformation. Our partnership is where purpose meets end product.


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Virgin Pulse

As one of Virgin Pulse’s 50 best-in-class partners, Unmind is fully integrated and available as part of Homebase for Health. As a Certified Partner, access to Unmind is seamless for buyers – via a one-contract buying solution. And easy for users, too – via access to registration, plus reward points through the Virgin Pulse platform.


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Unmind and Gloat share a bold and heartfelt mission of employee empowerment. This brings a holistic, integrated approach to personal growth, development and all-round wellbeing. But that’s not all. By harnessing Unmind’s content on the Gloat Opportunity Hub, companies can unlock the potential of their people.


Our expert-led tools help employees to understand, measure and manage their mental wellbeing, while also supporting managers to become confident, empathetic leaders.


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Aon UK | Mercer UK | Shortlister VIP

Unmind partners with benefit advisors and consultants across the globe – providing a proactive mental health solution to boost their client's workplace wellbeing strategy. As a Preferred Partner of Aon and Mercer in the UK, we work in tandem to drive huge value for our clients. How? Through higher engagement, better outcomes, and ongoing cultural change.


The good people at Shortlister have selected us as one of their top vendors for two quarters running. What does this actually mean? Well, there’s not much they don’t know about HR tech. And our wellbeing app and platform hit their benchmarks for quality and efficacy, making “Unmind an exceptional choice for employers searching for mental wellbeing solutions.” Not our words, theirs.

"We’re proud to partner with companies that understand the value of helping people to flourish at work and, combined with Unmind's mental health expertise, create even more value. Through our partnerships we’re able to more fully embed mental health in the culture, flow of work and wellbeing strategy across the whole organisation”

– Teresa, Head of Partnerships

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