What are psychosocial hazards?

Psychosocial hazards are any aspect of work which have the potential to cause psychological or physical harm. From bullying and harassment, right down to poor support, or an unclear job role.


Why should you care?

In July 2022, Safe Work Australia released its new model Code of Practice: ‘Managing psychosocial hazards at work’ (which followed a growing raft of regulations around the world). Right away, this made psychological health and safety a top concern.


As a result of the above, actively managing psychosocial hazards became a legal responsibility for many organisations in Australia.

How to manage psychosocial hazards

With the new model WHS Regulations and Code of Practice, it’s possible to spot (and then manage psychosocial risks, and help your employees to flourish – at work and at home).


And we can help! Here’s how.


  • Identify hazards
  • Assess risk
  • Control risks
  • Review control measures
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Want to manage psychosocial
 risks at your organisation?


Since 2000, workplace mental health claims have increased by 60% – and are expected to double again by 2030 – while physical claims have dropped by 13%.


of HR leads say that managing psychosocial risk factors is a growing priority for their organisation.


27 weeks

Mental Health claims have median time off period of 27 weeks, versus seven weeks for other serious claims.

How Unmind can help

Where Unmind will support


  • Unmind provides support in identifying hazards and reviewing control measures, through our Workplace Index.
  • We can help your company prevent and control psychosocial risks, via science-backed learning available within our Employee and Manager content library.


Where you'll need additional support


  • Unmind is not a risk assessment on its own. Meeting the requirements 
of your State based legislation needs committed, ongoing and expansive investment, and action, from your organisation.

Protect your people from psychosocial risk factors

"Psychosocial hazards are aspects of work which have the potential to cause psychological or physical harm. Examples include excessive workloads, tight deadlines, conflicting demands or a lack of control over ways of working. Just like physical risk factors, the accumulation of psychosocial risks can lead to poor health outcomes like stress, burnout or depression.”

Dr Heather Bolton

Director of Science, Unmind

Psychosocial hazards are anything at work that may cause psychological harm. This means potential risks are as broad as they are limitless.

Unmind’s comprehensive wellbeing platform equips your organisation with the expert-led tools you need – to protect your employees from all kinds of psychological harm.

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