Unmind is a evidence-based workplace mental health platform

The last decade marked a huge shift in the way we think and talk about mental health as a society. Covid-19 further highlighted the need to proactively nurture it.

Unmind empowers people to live more fulfilling and balanced lives by changing the way organisations approach mental health, providing employees with proactive – rather than solely reactive – wellbeing tools and support.

If you'd like to find out how Unmind could improve the mental health of your organisation, speak to one of our mental health technology specialists. Just fill in the form and we'll get back to you.

Making sure we all flourish

Workplace mental health initiatives have typically supported the 1 in 6 employees experiencing challenges. But, by proactively focussing on the 6 in 6, we can prevent these problems before they arise while promoting the sense of purpose and direction that come with good mental health.

The Impact


of those who started a Series proceeded to complete all 7 sessions


of users reported reductions in stress after engaging with an Unmind Series


reported feeling less anxious after engaging with an Unmind Series

Figures are based on a randomised pilot trial of 383 working adults who were asked to complete an Unmind Series targeting either stress, anxiety or resilience. The study is currently being prepared for peer-reviewed publication.

Wellbeing assessments

How is your mental health today? What about two weeks ago? We offer a variety of ways for everyone to assess their mental health and wellbeing – from standardised questionnaires to everyday mood diaries. This helps to reduce stigma and ambiguity, while also providing actionable insights and personalised tips.

In-the-moment exercises

Our in-the-moment exercises boost everyday wellbeing. From mindfulness meditations to CBT metaphors, sleep melodies to storytelling, yoga to healthy recipes, our tools can help you to relax, focus, unwind, and live more mindfully.

Who we work with

Self-guided programmes

We work with world-class experts to create bite-sized and interactive courses for proactively looking after mental health. Whether it's improving sleep, nurturing relationships, reducing stress, or managing anxiety – there's something for all areas of life.

Gain wellbeing insights

Take a pulse check of your organisation's mental health from your real-time dashboard. Use these metrics to drive platform engagement, spot patterns and make more informed decisions.

"Thanks to Unmind we've put a great resource into the hands of our employees. It provides our teams with in-the-moment professional support and helps everyone get into good wellbeing and working habits. The range of tools and topics covered is extensive and, from what I've seen, unmatched by competitors. It's also got great functionality that enables us to integrate it with our ways of working eg by sending praise through the app. This means that Unmind isn't just a standalone wellbeing app - it's becoming a part of our working experience."

Rosie Morgan
Employee Experience Manager at DAZN Group