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Swap mystery, silence and stigma for understanding, knowledge and power. This page looks at the facts behind the menopause. Learn from the experts and those who've lived through it and emerged empowered.

Let's talk menopause

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51% of us, at some point in our life, will experience menopause.

It's a major life stage for half the people on Earth, and affects every one of us. Yet so much remains unknown. 

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“The menopause itself is a date - the 12 month anniversary since an individual’s last cycle.”

Dr Shahzadi Harper - Perimenopause and menopause specialist

3 in 5 say menopause had a negative impact on them at work.

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Learn the facts


of people experience menopause before they hit 45. The average age is around 51, with the life stage lasting around eight to 10 years.


number of hormones in the human body. Two of them, progesterone and oestrogen, regulate the menstrual cycle.


of people who go through the menopause have symptoms that negatively impact their quality of life.

6 in 10

say symptoms affect their performance at work.


officially recognised menopause symptoms.

4 hours

is all doctors receive in menopause training, on average.

Menopause needs a rebrand

The people who go through it – as well as those who support them – deserve more than more of the same. Especially when it’s the same confusion, mystery, shame and stigma that’s kicked around for centuries. 

This time, we’ll put science and empathy at the heart of the conversation. By speaking to those who know menopause best: industry experts, plus individuals who have not simply survived the menopause, but who now understand their own body and mind. People who have experienced an important life change, and emerged empowered.

Mellanie's Story

'I just couldn't function': How going through menopause changed Mellanie's working life.


Understanding the unseen 

To grasp the hidden reality behind the numbers, we asked members of our community to share their stories.

Mellanie's story is just one of the revealing chats from our Menopause 101 series, which span everything from supportive strategies to the impact on work and family life – normalising these conversations for everyone. 

Menopause 101

Already have an Unmind account? Start our Series, Menopause 101, for an insight into the menopause experience. Learn to feel confident opening up conversations about the topic, and support those going through it. Log in to Unmind and head to Series > Menopause 101.

“The most important thing when supporting someone navigating this life stage is to learn about it fully. This affects 51% of the population, and the whole of society. Don't dismiss it."

Pamela Windle, Health coach, hypnotherapist and hormone specialist

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