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Life after lockdown

Life after lockdown

The pandemic changed how we live and work. This page explores the new opportunities and challenges we face, offering practical advice and tips for easing the transition, and guidance on how to prioritise mental health.

Back to work: 6 steps to a mentally healthy transition.

While going into lockdown forced us to react and make decisions quickly, our re-emergence can be measured and planned. In this handbook we'll cover:

  • Practical steps you can take to prepare yourself, your team, and your wider organisation for this period of transition.
  • From Anticipatory Anxiety and Commuting to Working Relationships and Losses of Freedom, we share actionable tips for overcoming new challenges.
  • HR and Wellbeing leaders share their Insights and opinions on the future of workplace mental health.
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Impact of the Covid-19 crisis


of employees report feeling burnt out since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis


increase in requests for mental health support from employees


The cost of mental health-related absenteeism in 2020

We cannot underestimate the long-term impact the coronavirus will have on our employees' wellbeing – businesses need to respond to this shift and use it as an opportunity to propel their mental health strategies forward.

Mindfully moving forward

The long-term impact of the pandemic on mental health is yet to be seen, but early signs suggest it could be significant – if we don't put in place the right measures now. As mental health became a mainstream topic of discussion, employees are feeling emboldened to ask for help and employers are waking up to the benefits of providing it. 

As people return to the workplace, leaders need to be aware of the psychological advantages and disadvantages that come with another transition. Check out the handbook above and webinar below for practical tips, guidance and clinically backed research on how you and your organisation can ensure a mentally healthy transition to life after lockdown. 

Listen to Xero's approach to life after lockdown

Speak to an Unminder

Unmind is a workplace mental health platform. See how we can help employees manage their mental health as we transition out of lockdown.


How to ensure a mentally healthy transition

As we ease out of lockdown, employers and employees need to be aware of the psychological advantages and disadvantages that come with another transition.


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