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The hybrid working model

The hybrid working model

Welcome to your one-stop shop for all things hybrid working. Understand the opportunities and challenges, find practical advice and tips, and get guidance on how to make mental health a priority in the new era of work.

Hybrid working and mental health

In this handbook, we’ll explain the basics of hybrid working, examine employers’ responsibilities, and point out the challenges and opportunities involved.

We’ll also provide practical advice for developing an HR strategy that harnesses this new reality, mixing research with guidance from the pros.

The hybrid model

Much more than a temporary plaster to combat a global health crisis, remote working is the future of work for many.

What is hybrid working?

Hybrid working is when a workforce divides their time between working remotely and in a designated workplace. There's an unlimited number of variables that will change by the type of job you do, where you do it, and who you do it for. 

It could mean three days in the office and two from home, certain days employees meet up, or whole weeks inside and outside the workplace. 


The proportion of people WFH, pre-Covid


The proportion of people likely to be WFH regularly, post-Covid


The proportion of people likely to be working from home all the time, post-Covid

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