Back to work: 6 steps to a mentally healthy transition.

While going into lockdown forced us to react and make decisions quickly, our re-emergence can be measured and planned. As we brace ourselves for the recovery period, our success or failure will be determined by the steps we take now to prepare ourselves and our organisations.

This handbook highlights six key areas managers and business leaders should be mindful of as employees transition back to the workplace and outlines practical steps to mitigate against the new mental wellbeing challenges that may emerge.


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Response to Covid-19

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7 areas of mental wellbeing to nurture while working remotely.

Working from home, especially under quarantine or self-isolation for extended periods, poses challenges to our mental wellbeing. This guide outlines practical steps to proactively managing your mental health while working from home.

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Covid-19 and employee mental health research with REBA.

We’ve teamed up with REBA to explore how the current climate has impacted employee mental health and what this means for organisations. In the report, we analyse how perceptions around mental health are being reshaped.


Building a proactive mental wellbeing strategy.

What does a proactive and preventative approach to mental wellbeing look like? We'll introduce nine factors which influence an employee getting the right care, at the right time, and how you can build a strategy that engages and inspires your entire workforce.

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How to measure the effectiveness of your mental health strategy.

Wellbeing programmes should be employee-first, but the most effective ones have the buy-in of your entire organisation, including senior leadership teams and line managers. This means optimising your approach, measuring the results and demonstrating their returns. This handbook provides practical guidance on how to steer an effective mental health strategy, outlining the five steps to maximising VOI and ROI.