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Back to work: 6 steps to a mentally healthy transition

While going into lockdown forced us to react and make decisions quickly, our re-emergence can be measured and planned. As we brace ourselves for the recovery period, our success or failure will be determined by the steps we take now to prepare ourselves and our organisations.

This handbook highlights six key areas managers and business leaders should be mindful of as employees transition back to the workplace and outlines practical steps to mitigate against the new mental wellbeing challenges that may emerge.

What's covered:

  • Practical steps you can take to prepare yourself, your team, and your wider organisation for this period of transition.
  • From Anticipatory Anxiety and Commuting to Working Relationships and Losses of Freedom, we share actionable tips for overcoming new challenges.
  • HR and Wellbeing leaders share their Insights and opinions on the future of workplace mental health.

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