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The pursuit of purpose
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The pursuit of purpose

Flourish is a podcast about the human experience. The mental, emotional and physical forces in life that can derail or empower us.

Mental health is f#@k!ng amazing!

Each episode is a human story told by an inspiring voice about their pursuit of purpose. Learning from their experiences, we can become stronger guides and more reliable narrators within our own lives.

"The 'bad' stuff is not only an unavoidable part of life, it is essential. If you face it with humility, energy and hope you will find yourself through it. Your failures, flaws and insecurities are gateways to flourishing."

Steve Peralta | Founder & Chief Evangelist, Unmind

Meet Steve, Flourish host

Steve Peralta is Chief Evangelist at Unmind.

He's spent most of his career practicing, coaching and advocating for wellbeing strategies and the importance of happier, fuller lives in the workplace.

As the host of Flourish, Steve talks to public figures – ranging from the worlds of food to sport; science to comedy – all united behind a passion for mental wellbeing. Expect: 

  • Uncompromisingly honest conversations

  • Practical strategies for proactively nurturing mental health

  • Practical philosophies based on lives experiences