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Beating Burnout

Beating Burnout

Burnout recovery can take 12+ months. It’s also preventable. Learn the truth about the workplace’s most misunderstood syndrome. 

"Burnout is much discussed, but little understood. We speak about it imprecisely, which only adds to burnout culture's persistence."

Jonathan Malesic

16 pages to beat burnout

Burnout is real and potentially very dangerous for both individual employees and company cultures. Stopping burnout from occurring is far from easy (it's an invisible syndrome, for starters), but it is possible. To end it, we need targeted action from employees, leaders and businesses alike. 

In this handbook, we explore burnout and how to stop it for good. Get your copy and discover:

  • Signs, stages and symptoms of burnout.
  • Exclusive insight from mental health experts at Unmind and Culture Amp.
  • The line between burnout and everyday emotions.
  • The role employees, people managers, senior leaders and execs have in preventing burnout.
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