“Money has its tendrils into almost every area of our lives. It affects the decisions that we make, it can cause tensions in our relationships, and it also affects the way that we interact in the workplace.”


Clare Seal | Author and financial wellbeing coach



of employees say money-related stress negatively affects their performance.


4 in 5

workers feel their employer should be providing support, yet just 1 in 3 large employers say they are prioritising help for workers’ financial health.


of managers have poor financial wellbeing, and the same is true for a third of C-suite execs.



of people do not feel comfortable talking about their finances, despite nearly 8 in 10 admitting to being worried about rising costs.


of employees are struggling to complete day-to-day tasks because they are worried about money.


£15 billion

The annual cost to UK businesses for productivity loss and absences linked to financial stress. In ANZ, it’s $66bn. As for the US – $4.7bn a week.

Figures are estimated and based on global research/survey data.


The psychological cost of living: How to nurture workplace wellbeing in hard financial times

Money talks. Or at least that’s what people say.


In reality, using the other ‘F word’ – finances – at work often lands about as well as its sweary, four-lettered cousin.


It’s time to change.


In Unmind’s new handbook, The psychological cost of living, you’ll learn:


  • What financial wellbeing is, and why it matters in your workplace.
  • The impact financial stress can have on employee mental health and wellbeing.
  • The link between financial wellbeing and environmental, social and governance (ESG). What help staff want – and need – from an employer.
  • The practical support your organisation can offer, and why managers are key.
  • How to foster an environment where people feel safe to talk about money fears. Plus loads more expert insight – from financial leaders and Unmind partners alike.
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"Encourage your employee to tackle financial difficulties proactively. It's not in your renit to offer advice - you're there to suppoer, encourage and to signpost to helpful resources"

Heather Bolton

Director of Science, Unmind

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