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What’s next for workplace mental health in 2021?

Last year we experienced social unrest, environmental catastrophes, and a global pandemic. In response we learned to work flexibly, harness technology, and adapt to change. With wellbeing becoming such a high priority, 2020 marked a turning point in how we support mental health at work. So what’s next? 
In this report, we predict the seven trends that will shape the workplace mental health agenda in 2021. For each, we outline why you should believe, why you should care, and, crucially, how you can act. Get your copy and discover:
  • What we've learned from 2020 – and what we can expect in 2021. 
  • The 7 most pressing workplace mental health trends that will shape the wellbeing agenda.
  • The practical actions you can take to proactively support the mental health of your workforce throughout the coming year and beyond.

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